Featured in “Her Campus” at the University of Toronto!

I was honored to be featured in “Her Campus” magazine at the University of Toronto this week! I was approached by author Lina Maragha, an old friend from High School, who was able to capture exactly what I strive to accomplish and achieve through ZULUECHO Initiative in her article. Not only was this an opportunity for me to speak about my work and vision, but Lina presented me with a fantastic platform through which I could speak directly to college students. Cover Image

I’d love to personally thank her for reaching out and writing such a great piece! Check it out at this link.

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  1. Ms.B. says:

    Continue to be the front-runner of college students who don’t calibrate the importance of all and each of their interests in life. We love your eclectic sensibility and the well-rounded academician- artist-entrepreneur-social purveyor- and Nature lover. You go to classes tired and suck it up, build designs with love, keep a close coterie of friends, and treat your blog like your baby! Your friend in Toronto knew when she convinced a colleague to come visit that she wanted to promote good role models for her generation. Continue on the road to everywhere, ZULU ECHO.


  2. Maissa Hamed says:

    We are as humanity at a historical juncture – at a point in time – where we are in dire need for people like you, role models who show the way , lift spirits and persist in striving to reach their highest potential against all odds. Keep going and May God bless you always.


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