About Z|E

Welcome! My name is Zain Edeen Elwakil and in 2017 I founded the ZULUECHO Lifestyle Initiative .The ZULUECHO Lifestyle Initiative is first and foremost a movement. A movement to empower and inspire within young adults a feeling of self belief. The blog serves as a place where thinkers, dreamers, designers, influencers, and young entrepreneurs can come to be part of a movement and community of active minds. Embedded within it, is an archive for my own work as an Architect and designer, filmmaker, writer, and creative. ZULUECHO Lifestyle Initiative celebrates the phenomenon that is the “coming of age” as something truly beautiful and positive. It is constantly inspiring and supporting young people as they branch out and pursue their dreams and worldly aspirations.

Part of my mission is to use content creation to INSPIRE. To utilize the power of a social media to spread a positive mindset, and help people live their lives to the fullest. Please follow me instagram page and help me tell this story. Let us inspire, together. @zain_elwakil

As a young Architect in training, I have come to appreciate and prioritize the path that I have chosen with my life. Since starting Architecture School, the re-purposing of my studies to achieve the goal of becoming a licensed architect pushed me to reflect on how many people at my age begin to branch out, and focus on what they truly love. I found through conversations with friends and through my own reflection that we each started doing something completely different with our lives than one another, following the goals we set up for ourselves as young adults in High School. We rose to a new level of thinking, one that followed a path we set ourselves, rather than one prescribed to us.  I wanted to write about this process, and share these thoughts with those interested as through these sorts of dialogues many new ideas and innovative thoughts are created.

Welcome to the movement – let us inspire one another to follow our passions and become the best versions of ourselves we can!