Friends of ZULUECHO

Our desire to follow our dreams comes with the responsibility of helping and supporting others to pursue their own. Friends of  Z|E are fellow designers, influencers, artists and entrepreneurs who have begun their own initiatives, radiating their own ideologies, inspiration, products, and content. This index of people is a representation of the unique and incredible things people achieve when they turn their passion into something that can benefit a larger community.


Cream the Collective is a platform and Initiative started by Essence Britt. It is a community of vastly different individuals with one vision, to create. Cream the Collective serves as a space for creatives from all backgrounds that empowers and encourages followers to craft and chase after their own visions. The stories on the platform of hardworking creatives who took initiative of their own passions and shaped them into a means of wealth will leave you feeling inspired to work hard and chase after your own passion. CTC was conceived off the observations of the rap industry. Thinking of artists such as Jay-Z, Nipsey Hussle, Rihanna, Meek Mill, P. Diddy and many more, that use their platforms to not only obtain wealth, but also improve their communities. For example, Meek Mill and Jay-Z have been collaborating on the reformation of the criminal justice system which is providing a purpose beyond their music. CTC is bridging the gap. Exposing the radiance of these initiators, while the words of personal experiences, love and spirituality encourage the followers along the way. Please follow CREAM The collective .


Mary Savel started Leather Beast after taking a workshop with a Hermès trained leather artisan and falling in love with the beautiful forgotten art of leathercraft. Leather Beast is a community for aspiring and beginner traditional leathercrafters who want to learn the traditional old world methods of leathercraft like hand saddle-stitching and edge finishing. The Leather Beast community also supports leathercrafters that want to learn how to sell their leatherwork and build a successful leather brand. At the center of all teachings is attention to craftsmanship and the end user. Visit and join Leather Beast.  Check out Mary’s instagram accounts as well @leatherbeast



From small town Pennsylvania, Marc Boyer and Ryan Lichtel found their love for music and creative interests through video and photo. With their aspirations clear and inspiration from their 8th grade space science class, they took their talents and founded Team Apollo. Now they work with music artists and creative brands to take their ideas from the mind and turn them into visuals. They believe if you put your dreams out into the Universe, they will come to light. Dropping out of college, they realized the world was a playground for their creativity. Please follow and subscribe to their YouTube and follow their Instagram page!

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Born in New Delhi, raised in Hong Kong and Dubai, while currently studying in New York, 19 year old Ruchir strives to bridge the gap between Dance, RnB, and Hip-Hop. His first 3 singles were all released to wide acclaim from the dance music industry in 2017, not only amassing millions of streams but garnering support from heavyweights such as The ChainsmokersR3HABNERVOWhethanLouis The Child, and countless others. As of 2018, Ruchir plans to spread his crossover sound with the world, starting with his single Chicas (feat. BUTO) which released on the 1st of March, and was subject to widespread support across the RnB and Dance Industry. Ruchir released his second song under his true crossover style; Love Me on the 1st of June. Ruchir’s takeover continued with the release of Only U on the 6th of July featuring a former collaborator in Croosh. Please follow and share RUCHIR MUSIC.

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Born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico, Manilo is a 22-year-old music producer and DJ now based in South Florida. Although his first big inspiration was the electronic sound of deadmau5, Manilo now strives to add elements of Pop into his productions. He implements his own vocals and guitar work for the first time in his latest single “Holy Ground.” Manilo’s purpose is to inspire, motivate, and make others happy through his music just like other artists do for him. Please check out his new single “Holy Ground” and follow him on Instagram.

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Life of an Artist is a clothing brand based in Cairo, Egypt. Founded in 2018 by 16-year-old Mohamed Shamsi, who was born and raised in Cairo. Life of an Artist carries a street-wear trend and offers real art and design on high-quality clothing products. Ultimately, it was Mohamed’s strong passion and devotion to start a business at such a young age and he wishes to pursue managing his brand and further developing it in the future, through several collaborations with other talented designers and photographers. Please check out Life of an Artist



Flauré is a new 19-year-old indie pop artist who writes and produces her own music.  By writing lyrics based on her experiences in college, she is able to create relatable music.  She utilizes a retro style and an 80s theme to accentuate the nostalgic, melancholy vibes in her music as if she is longing to live in a different time and place.  With a passion for music, fashion, and photography, she hopes to expand her creative platform in the near future. Please follow and share FLAURÉ on SoundCloud and Instagram.


SYRE Tech 

Syre Tech, which stands for “something you rarely expect,” is a company born out of a dream: a vision of a family in a car, smiling and laughing over a movie that was displayed before them with a front seat view. “To most, this idea sounds like a fantasy, and at the beginning we thought it was too. However, it quickly became a chance for us to make a difference in the lives of many.” Syre Tech began with two black engineering students during their first year at Syracuse University; they did not know each other, or about technology for that matter, but shared the same classes, specifically practical chemistry lab. During this time, they realized that despite their affinity for innovation, they had no passion for the work they were doing in college classes.  Frustrated by this situation, they branched out to create SYRE tech. Following their passion and vision to create something incredible. Please check out SYRE tech



Venus Karma is where passion meets business and there are no dreams anymore, but only projects! The new based-in-Qatar luxury and streetwear brand has been launched by the young Italian designer Valeria Mazzei, who through her social media accounts and limited edition collections aims to expand her growing initiative and love for fashion. Please follow and share VENUS KARMA.

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MAR1 is a Producer/DJ hailing from the busy streets of Alexandria, Egypt. The music he produces is varied beyond categorization, except to say that it seems to move people. Supported by labels like Melodic Sounds, House of Vibes, Desert Descent and more, MAR1 continues to improve his sound each year. 2018 is already expected to be his biggest year with a handful of high profile remixes as well as an original single on the way. Please  follow and share  MAR1 – keep the good vibes coming.

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Shuttervibez is an amateur photographer based in Perth, Australia. He has begun posting his photos on Instagram in the hope of sharing his creativity with a larger audience. From Aerial to Landscape photography, Shuttervibez brings vibrant and new perspectives to the world of digital art. Please check out @shuttervibez

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Founded in 2017 by Enrico Tognoni, a New York based Architectural Designer, Etamorph sprung from a partnership with state-of-the-art Italian fabricators.
With a deep commitment to the exploration of  high-end craftsmanship and technology, Etamorph proposes a end-to-end design model that removes any intermediary from the design process, improving efficiency and ensuring unmatched quality.
In a world where large-scale industrial production rejects diversity and difference, Etamorph proposes a design/manufacturing service based on flexibility and preservation of the cultural identity. Please check out the incredible opportunities for your design needs with Etamorph.
Founded by Attila Melegh, Indulo Inc. is building a B2B SaaS platform that lets you virtually try-on products anytime, anywhere, and gives retailers detailed analytics. With a beachhead in eyewear, the prototype is better than what is offered by try-on  experiences in the market today. Indulo is the first in the sector to incorporate machine intelligence into AR, and the vision is of an omni-channel retail platform for the world. Please check out Indulo Inc.  


Anna is an artist from New York City following her passion for creating art. “The most powerful art emerges when the subconscious mind is granted the agency to create. I dedicate myself to strengthening my mind to suppress my thoughts and concerns while painting. I employ this “stream of consciousness” method in which I allow my inner thoughts and feelings to be freely expressed as they come. Color and its emotional effect on people has always fascinated me, so most of my paintings are saturated with bold reds, yellows, and blues. ” Please follow her page for amazing pieces.



Sydney Steele started off as a freelance artist since the age of 14. Her  first business was Designing custom shoes and she did that for about a year. While she sold over 100 pairs, it truly wasn’t her passion. At the age of 20 she was ready to start another business but she wanted something that she was passionate about and truly loved. Sydney created The Cash Monet LLC,  where she sells hand painted canvas and poster prints of original paintings. Along with that she does custom paintings. This is just  Sydney‘s first step on her creative path of life there will be many more things to come, this is just the beginning. Please follow her instagram page @thecashmonet , and check out her website:

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Preppies Clothing is a young brand built upon comfort, quality, and versatility. They set out to create a clothing brand that not only stood out, but met the rigors of their active everyday lifestyles as well. Wherever you are, show how you #RepThePrep. Please follow and share Preppies Clothing.

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Probably Knot Arts is a non binding arts collective that aims to engage its followers through the works of artists of several different mediums. The collective’s goal is to show the collaboration/process of different artists and how each piece comes together. The group is based out of NYC but aims to collaborate with artists around the world. Check out Probably Knot Arts..

ATIN (Aiming To Inspire a Nation) is a home fragrance line based in the Philippines. Founded by Sabrina Co, the scents celebrate the heritage of the Philippines: from their beaches, flora, and wildlife, to their tropical fruits, a concept that has never been done in the Philippines before. Her partnership with a local charity program ensures that her products not only expand her own entrepreneurial vision, but also give back to a community for which she cares so much. Please support, follow, and share ATIN Fragrances.
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Onyema Okwodu- Artist
“My approach is abstract, with a dash of surrealism. I use pen and ink to create sophisticated patterns by selectively combining small intricate designs with large robust shapes and blank space, separated by carefully disguised straight lines. It’s very much a tangible rendition of my thought process, as I believe very strongly in the ability to do more with less.” Onyema Okwodu is a young aspiring artist who recently took his work to a new level by printing his graphics on clothing. Please follow, share, and like his Instagram Page.
Oli’s Rings
Oli’s Rings is a jewelry brand that started up by Olivier Bourdeau in 2016. Old skateboards are recycled along with a variety of natural wood to make sleek rings for all tastes. Using a high gloss finish for all of his rings, they are sure to stand out. Please follow, share and subscribe to Oli’s Rings.