We all have a story to tell, and sometimes we learn more about ourselves by hearing other people’s stories. ZULUECHO Films is a new branch of The Initiative that strives to find new ways to tell those stories. Not only is it a new medium for me to learn, but from them, I hope to inspire people to realize their passions and purpose in life. Sometimes, all we need is to know that we are not alone in our journey.


Through the clothing brand we unify our message. We support one another, we climb together, and we push each other to follow the path we each want to create for ourselves. Together, we represent this message all over the world. Today, I am thrilled to release a new film that celebrates just that. Each of us has a dream, each of us has a passion. Each of us has a version of ourselves we are working towards – and that is truly special. This film is to remind us all, that we are never alone. Together, we are stronger. Together, we are able to tackle obstacles, overcome challenges, and truly grow into the people we always wanted to become. Join the movement today!



THE MEETUP 2019 recap video, a ZULUECHO INITIATIVE FILM, celebrates the event hosted by Guided by Obas, UNDERSCORE AV, and Children of the Summer. An incredible day full of learning, talent, story sharing, music, networking, and most importantly, passion. The event featured workshops, a panel discussion, and live performances from young artists and entrepreneurs who are all unified through a shared desire to grow and follow their dreams.


This short video was produced from behind the scenes shots of a film for ZULUECHO Initiative in Williamsburg Brooklyn. The people in the film are wearing some of the most recent ZULUECHO Collection clothing, and celebrating a unity that we all experience when we all follow our passions in life.


ZULUECHO Initiative teamed up with New York City based artist Lucas Brooks to film a music video for his new single “City on Fire” available here. ZULUECHO Initiative’s mission reaches into the depth of people’s passions to share them with the world. Lucas’ journey as a young artist is exactly the kind of ambition and drive that ZULUECHO Initiative tries to celebrate. A true honor to be a part of this unique release!


This film is a celebration in many ways. A celebration of passion, of hard work, of determination – a celebration of the firm belief in the power of your dreams. Since his early days as  DJ, MAR1 has been a ZULUECHO Brand Ambassador. This year he had his debut festival performance at Firefly Music Festival, one of the largest on the east coast. This film, done in collaboration between MAR1 and ZULUECHO Initiative goes to show everyone that when you believe in something, you have to go for it.



“GET IT” is for everyone doubting that their dreams can come true. This film is for anyone who thinks their ideas may not be good enough. This film is to remind all of us, that our passions matter. When we take a chance on our ambitions we learn about ourselves and the power we have to change our lives. Never let the pressures of those around you limit the way you think about who you want to become… if you believe in something, go “GET IT.”


It is easy to become consumed by our routines. To fall into repetitive behaviors that become monotonous. Actions that don’t stimulate us and inspire us. “DETACH” is a short film that strives to bring up the notion of separating oneself from the responsibilities that bind us. While we all have duties, whether professional, academic, personal etc. it is important to have the courage and the power within ourselves to be able to “DETACH.” To place ourselves in new situations. Situations from which we can learn and grow. When we do so, we free our minds and allow our hearts to dictate the outcomes we want to achieve.


A new chapter in the story of ZULUECHO Lifestyle Initiative. This film not only taught me a tremendous amount about film production, but it taught me so much about people. About the power that we possess within us, to achieve what we want to achieve. There is no story of success that is not accompanied by a story of hard work. Often times we overlook that aspect of people that we deem successful. I’ve been truly blessed to be able to work with the people featured in this film, and wish each one of them the greatest possible journey forward.


This is a recap video for my recent trip to Colorado. Climb your mountains in life, the view at the top is amazing. If you can, take a few friends with you. Special thanks to MAR1 for the soundtrack!


This is my latest edit reel from a day in SoHo with Nick Jebaily. Havin’ some fun behind the lens. Some times I make videos that are not necessarily educational, or that do not carry any particular message. Rather, I use them as lessons for myself to find new ways to film, new edits to make, and to better my film-making skills. In addition, nobody can deny that SoHo is a beautiful backdrop for such an endeavor! Enjoy! (Turn your volume up for this one)


This film is a short montage of some preliminary footage I shot right before the beginning of 2018. You could say it was the first time I shot film for ZULUECHO Initiative, highlighting a few of the hoodies and learning how to shoot intimate shots.