Through Design, we create variation of expression, ultimately leading to variation of experience, and it is our experience of life and the manner in which we adapt to it, that help us define our goals.

My Architectural design work is rooted in and motivated by the belief that ZULUECHO Initiative’s mission, to empower and inspire, is achievable through the design of space. I have become increasingly interested in the correlation between architecture and its relation to the creative process. Whether entrepreneurship, film production, dance studios, art galleries, music festival design, set design, pop-up stores and other expressions of people’s passions, I strongly believe that architecture is a powerful tool in empowering people to turn their ideas, dreams, and passions into a reality. By giving them the physical space that is tailored and representative of their beliefs and goals, their work transcends ideas and can become a physically manifested spatial condition.

-Zain Elwakil


ZULUECHO Design will focus on this notion. On how to tie together Architectural practice, multidisciplinary creative processes, and conceptualization and design of space towards empowering and inspiring people as they begin to develop an identity through the work they put out into the world. Through close collaboration with artists, musicians, young creatives and entrepreneurs, and by understanding their creative processes and how they need their spaces to operate, ZULUECHO Design hopes to provide a spatial infrastructure from which young art and innovation can blossom.


The images shown are a selection of drawings and renderings throughout the course of the 5 year professional Bachelors of Architecture (B.Arch) program at Syracuse University. For a more comprehensive view of my design work, please check out my porfolio here!

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