Bosjes Chapel

A short post today. I came across this very intriguing design by Steyn Studio for the Bosjes Chapel in South Africa earlier today, and felt the need to have it on my site. There is an angelic atmosphere that is created when looking at the building and its draped shell structure that seems to form a seamless flow for the eye.


It goes without saying that this is a very modern approach to quite a classical religious building. Some may not even know it was a chapel just by looking at it. There is however something that gives it away. The central axis of the building is aligned with a cross in the window frame, disguised as a structural element. Although it may not (and probably is not) structural at all, it has a very aesthetically contingent way of fitting into the building, while maintaining the programmatic requirements of the design as a chapel.

Cross as seen from inside the chapel.



Photos by Adam Letch 

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  1. maissa hamed says:

    “There is an angelic atmosphere ” couldn’t agree with you more…feels like angels flying with their wings off earth…guess that was the intent…reminds me a bit of Zaha..lovely photography thanks a lot for sharing this post really liked it. Love how the chapel is intentionally situated away from the city’s hustle and bustle to allow the birth of a contemplative mood even while walking to it and also inside it. love it ! hope to visit some time..


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