Reaffirming the Vision- ZULUECHO Collection

I’d like to apologize to my readers for the long drought of posts. Since finishing the semester I’ve taken some time to redefine for myself where I’d like to take the ZULUECHO Lifestyle Initiative, and in doing so I have been working on a project that I am thrilled to release soon.

In this post I’d like to reaffirm the vision of the ZULUECHO Lifestlye Initiative, with the emphasis being on its role as a Lifestyle. It is a manifestation of a way of thinking, of reflecting on life as we experience it. I am increasingly fascinated by the  ways in which young adults enrich the world with an idea of their own. I have developed a respect and extreme appreciation of this phase of life, and at some point I’d love to take a class on it… if I can specify what “it” really is. Since its inception, I wanted the ZULUECHO Lifestyle Initiative to inspire people to pursue what it is in life that they truly care about, something they are passionate about. In true passion we find delicate attention to detail, a bit of oneself that gets put into whatever work the specific person is trying to do. I guess what I’m getting at, is that at my age of 19, my peers and I are at a stage in our lives where our minds are fertile to the endless possibilities that our world offers. The ideas, philosophies, morals, ethics, and inspiration that we will apply to the rest of our lives are developed now. We as a generation may not realize it, but the dreams we dreamed as kids not too long ago, the outrageous and seemingly impossible ambitions we had, we are now at a point in our lives where we can realize them. Where we can find ways to make them realities, or even come up with new dreams. My only fear, is that as a generation we do not take advantage of the power of our dreams. The power of the visions that we were so fond of as kids. Take that dream, take that aspiration, and don’t give up on it until it has manifested itself through your effort.

Having said that, the ZULUECHO Lifestyle Initiative is also an initiative informed by design, architecture, and fashion. I wanted to find a way to link everything that interests me, and everything you just read, and pursue a vision of my own. Therefore, I am extremely excited to introduce my new clothing line, the ZULUECHO Collection.

Logo EDIT Black and White_COLLECTION

The ZULUECHO Collection is a streetstyle comfort clothing brand created in conjunction with the ZULUECHO Lifestyle Initiative.

Based in New York, the line is inspired by and strives to promote the phenomenon of young entrepreneurship while maintaining a sleek, simple design aesthetic. By wearing the Z|E brand, you help promote a lifestyle of innovation and inspire young people to pursue their passions in a way that benefits those around them. Please share with your friends and family, and stay tuned for the release…soon!


As always, please comment, share and subscribe , and thank you for your support.

More Architecture coming this weekend! Stay tuned…



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  1. Mohamed Elwakil says:

    I am glad to see that you have reminded us of your vision Zain. As I deal with millennial architects and engineers at work every day and try to pass on my expertise and experience, I wonder sometimes what are they aspiring to achieve in life.
    Millennials are smart, unapologetic is their strife for success and insatiable in their thirst to learn.
    What is harder for me to discover is their visions in life.

    I believe that as we work together on our current project throughout the next two years, their visions will undoubtedly unfold in front of my eyes and I am very excited that I will be there supporting them in every way I can.

    I am glad that you have reminded your followers of the core vision of Zulu Echo and hope and pray that you and your generation realize your dreams. One word of advice: ” take time while time is, for time will go away”
    Good luck my friend


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