How much are you worth?


In the rush and quick pace nature of our modern lives we hear lots of information. Information about the world, about our peers, about our leaders, about our role models, and sometimes about ourselves. It’s an overload of information, and with the increasing scope of social media and the power of the internet, there’s no real end in sight. This reality that we are moving towards sometimes makes us forget to think things through. We hear bits and pieces of information and we don’t completely unravel their meaning, or question their validity. In addition to this, we are constantly comparing ourselves to notions of what it means to be important, to be heard, to be successful, and make an impact in this world. A question was brought to me recently about our difficulty to differentiate our financial worth, from our self worth. At first, I was taken aback, as it had never occurred to me that the two were synonymous, but seeing as the topic seemed important, I decided to try and write about it.

Upon further thought, it began to make sense. The information we are constantly being fed is all part of a larger system of “grabbing our attention” – and through the years we have developed a habit of letting big numbers and large accomplishments take priority over smaller, more modest realities that many of us might find ourselves in. We tend to associate power with money, and while a very valid argument can be made for that, I believe that self worth is entirely detached from any notion of financial accomplishment. At the sensitive age we find ourselves in, on the brink of becoming who we will be for the rest of our lives, this can be an intimidating notion. Especially in situations where we begin to talk about success as being tied to monetary value.

It’s true, there are people who can use their money to make a positive difference. There are also people who don’t. This simple reality shows that money does not define your worth. I think we can agree that the ability to make a difference is a characteristic that helps us begin to paint a beautiful picture of who we are as individuals. The legacy we leave behind. Whether that difference be at the scale of solving a world crisis, or at the scale of helping somebody have a better day, people will remember you for how you made them feel, not what you do, or “how much” you are worth. It costs nothing to be kind, compassionate, and supportive. These are the things that add value to who you are, and how you actually impact the lives of people.

When you begin to think this way, you start to notice that your behavior will change. You will find joy in making small changes in peoples lives. Changes that might not actually appear in that plethora of information the whole world is getting, but to that one person you impacted, your action could be the reason they have a better day, a better week, a better month, a better life. You’ll start to notice that when you value the way you make people feel they will respect you for who you are as an individual, and not who your “success” may depict you as. That, is a special value that is unique to each of us.

In addition to growing as individuals and becoming better people, we each have value in the simple fact that we are all unique. We have different interests, skills, strengths, and weaknesses. Those alone are worth something. When somebody needs you for support, they are seeking for your value as a human being. They are seeking you because you have something that may help them – the most true form of a compliment in my opinion.

Before you worry about how much your bank account says you are worth, remember all the things that make you, you. Remember all the people’s lives that you’ve helped, all the smiles you’ve caused, and all the joy you’ve brought people. There is no price point for these things, but they are feelings and moments that can last a lifetime. Your value comes in the way you make people feel, and the way you leave them feeling about themselves. Whether that feeling is good or bad, is entirely up to you.

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