The Sun Always Sets


You know those days where you step outside, the sky is a deep rich blue, the breeze is fresh and the sun is out? Those beautiful days that recharge you and make you feel confident you can attack any challenge in your life. Those days where the line between your dreams and your reality becomes blurred because you are so incredibly happy…We never want those days to end. They fill us with joy and fulfill our desire to live a full and prosperous life. You soak it all in, and pray that the moment does not pass – doing your best to stop time and capture the peace that this beautiful day has brought you. We’ve all had those days. Days of success, days of bliss, days that we would do anything to make sure they don’t end. Those days are unique and quite special, because truthfully they come few and far between. The truth is that even on the most beautiful of days, the sun sets. After you enjoy the breeze, soak in the sun, enjoy a meal with your closest friends and listen to your favorite songs together, the sun still sets. Those beautiful days all come to an end.

In your 20’s, when the sun goes down, you’ve already got plans! What bar you’re going to go to, where you’re going to have dinner, who’s house you’re going to chill at with all your friends – most of the time you already know what happens when the sun goes down. When we were kids though, the sun going down meant bed time. It meant the day had come to an end, and it was time to get ready to sleep. A bed time story maybe, and a quiet voice saying “sweet dreams.” Now, if you know me you know I’m not here to talk to you about your bed time stories, however, I am here to talk about your dreams.

My introduction speaks to a larger phenomenon in the process of growth, success, personal development and the increasing momentum you build in your life as you begin to follow your passions and turn your dreams into your reality. The last few weeks have been filled with incredible experiences for me. Meeting people, filming, traveling, writing, and working on projects that fulfill me. The last few weeks have been my “beautiful day.” After a few days of reflection, the sun sets however. The momentum dies down, the hype settles, and suddenly you find yourself waiting for the next beautiful day. Many people become restless and frustrated during this time, yet this is where I hope to help you realize the importance of your “sweet dreams.”

In those lulls between successes is when you dream – or rather, when you build up the dream. In those periods after you have accomplished something and the joy wears off, often times you end up feeling empty. Longing for something that is in the past, something you had that now you don’t. As strange as it sounds, THIS is the crucial moment to capitalize on who you want to become. As with your childhood, when the sun set, you dreamed. So what will you dream about now? What will you do to ensure that the next time you succeed you do so bigger, and better? This is the time to figure it out. It goes without saying that every success comes with an incredible amount of hard work. “Behind the Scenes”, “the Grind” whatever you want to call it, when you feel the momentum drop, it’s not because you have lost something, it’s because you actually accomplished what you prepared for, and have the opportunity to take the next steps. What did you learn on that sunny day? What feelings fulfilled you, what moments inspired you, which emotions overcame you? When the momentum drops tap into these areas of your mind. Begin to ask yourself how you will grow until the sun comes up again. Something else to remember is that biologically, our bodies recharge at night. When we sleep, we allow our bodies to prepare themselves to tackle the next day. If you’ve ever had a lousy sleep, or haven’t slept at all, you know how challenging the next day can be. Allow your goals to recharge from time to time. Allow your ambitions to rest and recuperate. Dream bigger than you did the day before and wake up ready to capitalize on the things you’ve been preparing for.

I speak about this because I personally had a unique moment on my way back to New York two weekends ago. That is the moment I took the photograph attached to this article. I was on my way home from one of the most memorable times of my life, and the sun was on it’s way down. I had a sudden realization that that day, filled with its excitement, joy, challenges, emotion, and greatness was in fact coming to an end. I was overcome by a feeling of sadness for a second. It was then that I came to remember that in order to achieve those few days of absolute bliss, I had to put in the work. I had to dream, I had to execute, and ultimately prepare myself to enjoy those days to the best of my ability. I had found so much joy in those days because of the work I had done leading up to them. The sun going down was the world telling me, “goodnight, let’s see what you can do tomorrow.”

Bask in the glory of your successes. Let the joy sink in and fulfill you. But remember, the process of true success comes with the desire to grow. As you continue to succeed don’t forget why you started – and when the sun goes down, put your head down and get to work. You only have a few hours until sunrise!

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  1. Ms. B says:

    Happy Fourth! Zulu/Echo
    Could never get into the American holidays!

    The film is the best yet. Really enjoyed it several times. Keep going!


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