Commitment issues…

Yes… I am about to give you relationship advice, but don’t worry, not the kind you were expecting – I’ll save that for another time….

A few days ago I re-posted a post on instagram that spoke about being committed to pursuing growth, internal peace, self love, and gratitude. I re-shared it because I felt as though it resonated with me and could potentially help others reach a point in their lives where they could do the same. One of my followers responded to the post, saying “who would disagree?” Although we both knew she was joking, when I really thought about it I reached an alarming realization. Some of us, have commitment issues…

The truth is that we all want “growth, internal peace, self love, and gratitude” but not all of us are committed to attaining them. This is a phenomenon that has been spoken about by many before me. I am by no means reinventing the wheel here. We have heard it time and time again, “you have to put in the work to achieve the result, and even then, you have to work harder still.” We all want to be rich and successful, but we are not all committed to working hard enough to attain it. Unfortunately, we have come to expect these things in a culture that feeds off instant gratification. However, before we point fingers at society, let’s look inside and see where our commitment issues really come from.

January 1st of every year is many things. The first day of January, the first day of a new year, and in many cases, it’s the day where people begin their “new years’ resolution.” Every year we do it. We promise ourselves that “this is the year that…” and while some people may have success accomplishing their “new year new me” goal, I know many, myself included, who are simply not committed to anything more than wanting it.

When applied to achieving growth and internal peace in your life, you have to understand that wanting it is not enough. Being committed to these things means being committed to whatever it takes to achieve them. What does that mean? Well, it can mean a variety of things. Firstly, it means removing yourself from situations, or removing things from your life that hinder your ability to achieve internal peace. For example, wanting internal peace but continuously gravitating towards people that provide a toxic environment for you will not help you achieve it. You may want it, but you are not committed to it. To achieve the things we want, we have to go beyond wanting them. We have to commit ourselves to them.

For those who struggle to find a purpose or identify a passion to follow in their lives, commitment may be your issue. Everybody has a sense of what they want in life. A particular goal, or even a lifestyle that they want to be able to live. The question is are you committed to achieving it? By committing yourself to it, you are giving yourself a purpose. Committing to something means you are committed to its cause, not only its result. You are committed to WHY you are doing something, not only WHAT you are doing.

Commit to growth by understanding that failure is inevitable, because from failure we learn. Commit to internal peace by extinguishing external toxicity. Commit to gratitude by being grateful for what you have experienced, both the good and the bad. Commit to self love by radiating your authentic energy. Don’t be afraid of commitment.

Now that I’ve written a whole article on the importance of committing to something, I’m about to “break up” with you all for a short time… Well, not really. Kind of… Just watch the video because I need your help!

Full disclosure, I am experimenting with this format! Let me know what you think!

Believe in the power of your dreams… always!


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  1. Ms. B. says:

    Really appreciated your “break- up” message which is not the first time someone broke up with me while not being with me….but the first time in cyberspace.

    Hope you’re in Florence now inhaling the beauty and Mediterranean culture. I don’t think you’ll have difficulty at all finding blog material to suit your brand, finding one’s individual passion in life. Why? You’ve been shuffling around the world a bit already, and I’m sure you recall feelings and images merely popping into mental view instantly. The traveler’s mind shifts unconsciously because there is not immediate familiarity day to day. I’m not suggesting you will be under distress at all, but twenty times a day there is change of all kinds when the system is alert; and then comes the awarenesses. Oh, yeah, oh, yeah. The topics will come flooding in.

    Certain people, geographical terrain, some strange food on the plate, in the napkin, eaten in luxury or public transportation, on the beach; expectations change, reactions to speech, gesture, affect; it’s all coming to you, maybe you’re already in it, liking it, asking questions, reacting as you never have. What you will address in your essays will be fed to you on a platter. But don’t “eat” them; dash them off on the keyboard.

    Can’t wait for the first one. IF I had to choose what topics I like to read about, I have two. May be useful to you or not. They are very broad and not relatable unless you are touched by them as well. They are TRAUMA AND RACISM. They are with us everyday in the world. If you “pick up “ any connections to these human sufferings, let’s hear about them. If they are way too spread out amongst too many other topics, I can wait for your inspired thinking at another time and venue.

    Absorb and play and learn.

    Ms. B.

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