I think many people have come to expect a certain amount of motivational content from me, and if that is the case, then I am in fact fulfilling a person goal of my own – to help inspire and empower people to follow their passions in life. That being said, I am just one person, with one voice and while I have spoken to many people about their ideas and tried my best to help them, ZULUECHO Initiative stands for something much larger than just me. It exists for us, it is inspired by us, it is amplified by us, and I would only be able to do what I do with the incredible community we have built up, and the mentality that is shared with everyone who is a part of this journey.

Today I want to talk a bit about the importance of inspiration and how it has been used to build the global community that makes up ZULUECHO Lifestyle Initiative. I also want to challenge us all, myself included, to do something truly special…

When ZULUECHO Initiative was started, among the first parts of the website that was established was “FRIENDS OF Z|E”. The reason being that the Initiative’s mission is to celebrate, inspire, empower, and motivate people to follow their passions. This portion of the website highlights people who have adopted this mentality and begun to radiate their own content, art, music, products… whatever it may be, into the world. A truly beautiful moment in each of their lives. Beyond just these people, however, there is a special value in inspiration. A value that surpasses any financial gain. To INSPIRE is to invest not only in the product somebody is making, but to invest in their ability as a individual to shine by doing something they LOVE. When you inspire somebody, you invest in their purpose. You see past the potential of failure, you see past the long journey and countless hours it may take, you see their ability to shift their mindset to allow them to truly change their lives for the better.

Why is this important? Well, there are many reasons. First and foremost, you never know what your words can mean to somebody – even if it’s somebody you only see once in your life with whom you exchange a couple of encouraging words. Those words may be the spark that lights the fire and allows them to continue their lives pursuing the very thing that you acknowledged. Through this phenomenon, one of appreciating people’s individual talents, aspirations, and passions, a new wave of happiness in our generation begins to bloom. The happiness we feel is amplified not only by what we do, but more importantly by why we do it. When you inspire somebody, and acknowledge their WHY, you help them understand the value of their own purpose – something that in today’s society can be extremely difficult to realize, as the “noise” we hear from all around us can be deafening. Growing your happiness from a sense of purpose, is heavily tied to being inspired, and having the ability to inspire others. When one grows, the other does too – and when both grow, a sense of identity is reached.

I have received some truly touching messages over the years, from people who have come to me for advice before doing something or people I have reached out to because I was mesmerized by what they did, and the common thread that bound every message was a sense of identity. Each person that messaged me thanked me not for what I did for them, but for seeing in them the ability to do what THEY wanted to do for themselves. ZULUECHO Initiative has been built along these principles, and anyone who wears the brand wears not only the ZULUECHO message, but symbolizes a global community of people that are dedicated to inspiring others to follow their passions. It is bigger than me, because of what YOU have allowed it to become. The reason for this is because the feeling of being inspired is contagious. When you begin to surround yourself with people who are on a mission in their lives, following something that inspires them, you start to adopt the same mindset. You begin to feel a new sense of identity and confidence in whatever it is you are trying to achieve. A confidence that comes from a deeper place tied closely to who you want to become. Sharing that with others allows this feeling to build a community, and that is what, I hope, ZULUECHO Initiative has started to do. It’s not that we all start to have the same goals, but rather that we begin to create a community in which we help each other achieve our individual goals.

The power of inspiration goes far beyond a moment of conversation. It is the foundation of good relationships, both business and personal. It is part of the foundation of happiness, from which we build up our individual purpose. Inspiration unifies us all. It is an unspoken language that each of us can identify with. Not only as the inspired person, but also as the one who inspires, there is a special bond that forms.

Today I want to challenge you all to try something new…

There are things we do everyday, routinely. I would love for you all to try to INSPIRE one person every day. Invest in somebody’s journey each day. Celebrate somebody’s passion each day. Not only that, but inspire YOURSELF each day. Build a relationship with others, by solidifying a relationship with yourself. There is a beauty that radiates when we follow the things we are passionate about in life, let us all become a part of that journey, together so that we can build each other up to be the most fulfilled versiond of ourselves.

Believe in the power of your dreams….#zuluechoinitiative

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