Problem Solving through Design

I recently had the absolute pleasure of being featured on Caley Lacerda’s Podcast “FiberCast” as part of his overall Fiber Fitness Project. Caley dedicates this podcast to people he considers to be “disruptors” and non traditional thinkers. “A podcast by Outliers, for Outliers”. Apart from expressing my gratitude to Caley for having me on the show, I would like to share with you a snippet of the conversation that ties heavily into both my work as a designer and architect, but across all of my creative work as well.

Problem solving is something we are all faced with. Whether personal, professional, developmental, educational… financial… we all face problems and in order to get over them we have to develop some kind of problem solving tactic. As we get older, the challenges tend to get more and more difficult. Architecture faces a series of challenges as well. Designing a building is not about making something look pretty, but about resolving issues of form, with requirements of function, while considering and designing for the people who will actually occupy the building. These are only a few of the problems that we consider when we design. We employ diagramming to truly understand and solve these issues. This method is not exclusively for Architectural problem solving, however. If we apply the concept and method to our own lives, we can begin to understand our lives in new ways, understanding patterns, identifying behaviors, and truly visualize our challenges in order to find, or quite literally, design solutions.

I’ve written an article about this before which you can find here but I wanted to share with you a bit of me and Caley’s conversation as well as I truly believe that this practice can be a critical part of overcoming your life’s biggest challenges. Check the video below!

Video produced and published by Caley Lacerda

Lastly, I want to truly thank Caley again for having me on the show and urge you to go listen to the full episode on his podcast here and please give him a follow on Instagram. His content is extremely helpful and important!

The ZULUECHO Initiative journey has been truly special, the most incredible part being the people that I meet along the way. Caley is a tremendous guy, and I am extremely grateful to him for giving me the platform to talk about my work.

Believe in the power of your dream #zuluechoinitiative

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