“ZULUECHO Initiative” explained on FiberCast Podcast

I’m often asked why I started ZULUECHO Initiative, what it means and what the “big idea” behind the movement is. I always love answering this question because it allows me to take people through my own “BREAKTHROUGH” moment in 2017 – the process by which I realized that I wanted to start ZULUECHO Initiative. Last month, I was honored to be featured in Caley Lacerda’s podcast “FiberCast” as part of his larger FiberFitness initiative. Today, I’m sharing with you a highlight from the interview that focuses on what was going through my head when I started this, what the brand means, and what I hope it can continue to achieve. Caley is a great guy with an impeccable mindset and drive towards everything he does and I’ve been blessed to have met him and been featured on his show.

Check out the highlight below, and click here for a link to the full episode!

Video produced and published by Caley Lacerda

Hope everyone had a good start to the week – onward we go!

Believe in the power of your dreams…#zuluechoinitiative

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