ZULUECHO STUDIO – Cleared for takeoff…

Still capture from my film O C E A N

It has been over a year since my last post here, and when they say a lot can happen in a year, they were not kidding…

Today’s post is a bit of a rebirth for ZULUECHO Initiative, and an exciting announcement for the direction of my professional career as a designer, filmmaker, and photographer. I also want to outline how I see this blog and space on this website evolving further, as it has since I started it.

ZULUECHO Initiative has always been about storytelling. It has been a consistent exploration into the process towards manifesting your passions into actions you can take to achieve your goals. That being said, it has also been a platform for me to open up about the challenges that I personally have faced through this journey – mental and professional. One thing remains extremely clear to me. From its inception, ZULUECHO Initiative was an experiment I did not know I was conducting. It was a lesson I did not know I signed up for, and it has been the best and simultaneously the most challenging personal growth adventure I’ve been on till now. It gave me the space to explore concepts that I now apply in my life without even thinking about. It gave me the strength to understand that failure is never a permanent condition and rather a stepping stone for deeper understanding. Ultimately, it has given me the courage and mental clarity to open my own company, ZULUECHO STUDIO LLC.

ZULUECHO STUDIO is a New York City based Cross Disciplinary Creative Studio specializing in Architectural Design, Filmmaking, and Photography services. At the core of the studio is a passion for story telling. A focus on a cross disciplinary approach is of utmost importance to the work produced, to allow a blurring of boundaries between creative mediums to create powerful projects that are unique and ambitious in their intent and ultimately bring various forms of creative production into artistic dialogue. In subsequent posts I will share more of the projects that have been completed and are ongoing… but let’s get through this post first.

While I am extremely excited launch this new chapter of my life – I know very well, as I’ve learned from this journey so far, that there will be incredible challenges. Not every day will be good and that is OK. That is something I personally have needed to learn and am looking forward to putting into practice. It became clear to me that this was the path I needed to follow, and thus, I am now working full-time for ZULUECHO STUDIO.

So, where does that leave this blog. Well, the purpose of this blog was always to inspire people to follow their passions. It will continue to do so through meaningful discussion on people growing their work and it will also serve as a journal of sorts for my own work. A documenting of my process as I continue on this path and all the experiences that come with it. In addition, I would like to use this space to dig deeper into the projects I work on, and walk you through the final results, but also the thoughts, questions, experiments, and creative explorations behind each one.

As always, thank you for being here…


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  1. Mohamed Elwakil says:

    Welcome back my friend. What a refreshing and inspiring comeback email. Here’s to continued creativity exploration and transformation! God bless

    Mohamed Elwakil, AIA 1- 917-863-4334 Sent from my iPhone



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