Onyema Okwodu – Artist

When I began ZULUECHO Lifestyle Initiative, one of my main inspirations was the phenomenon of young people beginning something new and different with their lives. People who pushed themselves to achieve goals that they set for themselves, only to surpass them and push them further by taking their ideas and branching out, taking risks, and doing something new. Through this kind of driven entrepreneurship amazing people are formed. People who stand out, people who want to make a difference, people who don’t just want to be average, and I have tremendous respect for such people.  My followers have become used to Architecture posts and Featured Fashion posts but I would like to introduce a new kind of post that I am extremely excited about. “Featured Influencer.” Please check out my About page in order to read more about how this relates to my site.

Today’s post features work done by Onyema Okwodu, whom I was fortunate enough to meet a few weeks ago.

“My approach is abstract, with a dash of surrealism. I use pen and ink to create sophisticated patterns by selectively combining small intricate designs with large robust shapes and blank space, separated by carefully disguised straight lines. It’s very much a tangible rendition of my thought process, as I believe very strongly in the ability to do more with less” -Onyema Okwodu

He showed me his shirt design and immediately I was impressed by what he had achieved. A young artist, starting something new, and pushing his art to a new level by printing clothing. DSC_0026

I would like to wish Onyema good luck with his work, and help promote this kind of thinking. Please follow his page to stay up to date with this young initiative.

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