Generational Consciousness

Recently I have been thinking a lot about my generation. Such a talented, active, positive, influential, creative, outspoken, and truly special group of individuals. I say this not because we are more important than any other generation, but because of the age at which we find ourselves. It seems like yesterday I was walking across the stage of my High School graduation, hearing somebody tell my graduating class that we could go and do anything with our lives… I didn’t believe them. It was not until I went out into the world and started following my heart, that I realized, we really can do anything with our lives.

There is an unprecedented level of joy that you feel when you do something you love. Not only that, but when you truly feel yourself growing. That growth comes from a place of hard work. It comes from a place of excelling at something you’ve always wanted to do. It comes from seeing your progress and knowing that every step backwards is actually a lesson learned. We feel inspired when we see people speak with passion. We are captivated by the talent that some people demonstrate, and at times it’s a little nerve wracking. Many of us are not fully able to decide what it is we want to do, or how it is we want to lead our lives. There is a fear that one wrong step could mean the end.

The reason I’m writing this post today is because I have come to strongly appreciate the place in our lives that my generation is living through. The truth, is that we can do anything with our lives now. We know enough, not everything, but enough to push ourselves. We know enough to challenge ourselves. We know enough to try a bit of everything. To be able to jump into something headfirst and know that regardless of the outcome we can still learn from it is among the most gratifying places to be in one’s life… and that is where we are. What I wish for my generation is that we take our drive, we take our talent, we take our skills and aspirations and goals, and put them into the world. Don’t sit on your own confidence. Even if you don’t know what it is you want to do, do something. If you don’t like it, you’ll learn it’s not for you. Finding purpose does not always start with the correct answers, sometimes it starts with the wrong answers. Regardless, you can’t know an answer if you don’t ask a question.


More coming from ZULUECHO this summer.

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  1. Maissa Hamed says:

    May your infectious positive spirit change those around you and hence change the world .


  2. Aktota says:

    So uplifting to read and a great comfort knowing there is such positivity being put out there into the world. Especially during a time some might see is bleel and chaotic. Unfortunately, the reason a positive messages like this one can be drowned by negativity is because not everyone was fortunate enough to be uplifted and encouraged by parents and friends from a young age. Surrounding yourself with like minded people, if not better than you, to show you and teach you can be one of the greatest things in life. A key factor to keep yourself uplifted and motivated to do better. Keep up the posts, doing a great job!


  3. Mohamed Elwakil says:

    Yes indeed you are the generation that is riding the fastest wave into the future that mankind has ever seen.
    You must brace yourself for the lighting speed at which you ride and learn to adapt to change while staying steadfast in your beliefs; focused on your dreams ; realizing your roles as influencers in the lives of others generations , older and younger, and finally take this world to a better place than it it is today.
    Good luck


  4. Ms.B. says:

    Born between the late 1990s to 2010 as the children of Gen Xer’s, it’s Generation Z. Obviously there is not much data to date on this group. However, what is remarkable is that many consider Generation Z to be the first true digital natives.

    This contingent was born during the complete onset of the digitized world. They’re seamlessly integrated with technology, and they can’t remember a time before smartphones existed. They spend more time with screens than any generation before them (Bad, good? We don’t know.), and given their digital literacy, they are more comfortable than previous generations with the pace of technological advancement. They’re perceived to be excellent multitaskers. Socially and politically, they’ve been referred to as “millennials on steroids,” exhibiting many of the same progressive beliefs regarding globalization, inclusion, technology, and religion.

    They came of age post-9/11 and post-Great Recession. Thus, they understand the world’s inherent difficulties. And, given their relative youth, they have the chance to create a remarkable future. They’ve seen hardships in the many, many school shootings they’ve experienced and have been forced to become activists for themselves at young ages.

    So, basically, if you’re reading this Gen Z’ers: please help us.

    Dear ZAIN:

    I found an article about all the generational types and their characteristics since you emphasized that aspect . Mine is the Baby Boomer’s. (Peace , man) , but yours (Gen Z) is quite different in all the good ways. It also echoed (no pun intended) some of the qualities you mention in your post. Enjoy. And really take in the plea at the end about helping us all. We need you.


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