The beauty of being uncomfortable


I’ll start by saying this – I didn’t always believe what I’m about to tell you. I was one of those people who liked to stay in their comfort zone, and do what I knew I could do and call it a day. There’s a sense of security in being familiar with our situational context. Somewhere along my journey, however, I began to realize that I was not achieving the things I wanted to. I seemed to be stuck in place, fulfilling tasks and responsibilities that had become so routine, that I was no longer learning anything. The question of purpose began to eat away at me. Was I doing what I wanted to do? Was I truly applying everything I knew in the most ambitious and exciting ways? I knew there had to be more… I knew I was capable of more. To everyone who feels that way, or is struggling to find purpose, this message is for you.

Taking a step towards something you want to achieve in your life is never an easy thing. There is ALWAYS an element of the uncertain – an underlying consciousness that ‘this might not actually work.’ For many, it eats away at them and ultimately hinders there ability to move forward. We are often times scared of being put in situations we are unfamiliar with. We are scared to attempt things that have an unpredictable outcome because they fall outside our comfort zone. While they very well might, let me ask you this. How is it that a baby learns to walk? If you were that baby that got it on your first try… well done! If, however, you were like me, and used a multitude of different methods to be able to stand up and take your first steps, compare it to the way in which we approach our life choices. Regardless of how many times we fell, we can now walk. With each fall, a lesson learned, and with each step, an increase in confidence.

This realization allowed me to begin to change my perspective on the goals I set for myself. It allowed me to attack new challenges with the confidence that EVEN if I was to fail, and I have on multiple occasions, I will always learn something by putting myself in a situation I am uncomfortable with. Not because I enjoy being uncomfortable, but because I know that by doing so, I can find out more about who I am and what I can do. The beauty of being uncomfortable is that in those moments you find out who you are, and once you know who you are…you can become who you want to be. When you push your limits, you not only learn about your context, but you begin to formulate an understanding of how much you can actually achieve with the right amount of effort, determination, and perseverance.

This phenomenon can manifest itself in many different ways – ways that are specific to each of us. Maybe you’re stuck in a major you don’t love but you have an incredible passion for the outdoors and want to just explore the world. Or maybe you’re a musician, but have not allowed anybody to hear your music yet. In such instances the only thing standing between you and your purpose is the stigma behind putting yourself in a situation you are uncomfortable with.. departing from what is familiar to you, and trying something radically different.

To anybody with a dream they think is beyond them, I hope you will take this article as a stepping stone towards achieving it. Allow yourself the freedom to explore your potential, and ultimately become the person you want to be. Follow your heart, and fulfill your passion. The culmination of all these experiences is true purpose, and that is what so many of us are looking for.

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Believe in the power of your dream…#zuluechoinitiative

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