It is easy to become consumed by our routines. To fall into repetitive behaviors that become monotonous. Actions that don’t stimulate us and inspire us. “DETACH” is a short film that strives to bring up the notion of separating oneself from the responsibilities that bind us. While we all have duties, whether professional, academic, personal etc. it is important to have the courage and the power within ourselves to be able to “DETACH.” To place ourselves in new situations. Situations from which we can learn and grow. When we do so, we free our minds and allow our hearts to dictate the outcomes we want to achieve.

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Believe in the power of your dream… #zuluechoinitiative

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  1. Dale Bennett says:

    Dear Mr. Initiative!

    Wow! A beautiful video filled with the gems of Nature, waterfalls, driftwood, rippling mountain water, and people enjoying them. Actually, as your post says, they are “losing” themselves by detaching from the the things we do unconsciously day to day without any remarkable differences. Nature can do that to us, right? We can also revive enthusiasm and swell with excitement or expand with an awareness of ourselves as we begin to see who we really are, what individual characteristics we were given at birth and some of us know even before birth and call it our Essence. Sometimes, the doing isn’t the right action; it’s the not-doing. A Buddhist would tell you that or a Hindu. I guess we have to learn how to detach by having no reaction at all, just a quiet mind as the body moves through space.

    I imagine the ZE people know many things beyond the ordinary. We see it in the phrases lifted up, the music, the scenes of people in videos going about their agenda, only backwards perhaps, or sideways, or being utterly still to let the air envelope who they are. As you think of detaching, also consider attaching and then run like crazy in the other direction!

    Wish I were dancing around in that water and climbing those rock outcroppings and tossing driftwood back where it came from so it can continue the journey. Detach and be the driftwood.

    Ms. B.


  2. Maissa Hamed says:

    This film is just so crisp in message and the beauty of your filming captures the heart. I was able to detach just watching this beauty that filled my eyes. Not the same as being there for sure but better than caught up in our daily chores. I agree with u detachment is the solution to so much toxic stress that could just steal our life if we are not careful. Thanks for your potent reminders.


  3. Mohamed Elwakil ,AIA says:

    Very true indeed. One must get out of the mold we find ourselves in, correctly as you mention, many a time not by our choice.
    Your choice of scenery encompassing the lush green foliage, the turquoise water cascading over the earth tones of the sculpted stone formations minced with your words and the shots capturing the motion of man and nature truly make this film succeed in delivering your intended message .!


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