Making films has become one of my most effective ways of using ZULUECHO Initiative to help inspire people to follow their passions in life. This film is a little special to me, as I’ve ventured out of my comfort zone and tried something I never thought I would… but I’m so happy I did.

“GET IT” is for everyone doubting that their dreams can come true. This film is for anyone who thinks their ideas may not be good enough. This film is to remind all of us, that our passions matter. Believe in the power of your dream… and wear Z|E.

I would like to personally thank Lucas Brooks, Ricky Singh, and Noor Edeen Elwakil for their effort and assistance in making this vision become a reality.

Enjoy the video and as always please share, when we inspire each other, we grow together.


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  1. Dale Bennett says:

    Bring it on, Zain!! Looooved this adamant self-affirming rap. You HAVE to tell me who the wordsmith is. You? And the two guys in the film?Lucas? And? Lucas does the music, I know, but is that him in the street? Right by the Village Voice. Did you get an audience? And how did Noor contribute?

    Great vibes, Zain, all you do to let people know not to give up. Thinking of switching majors from architecture to film maybe? LOL

    Ms. B.


    1. Hello Ms. B!

      Thank you for your lovely comment! I wrote the words myself, and the music is actually by a creator named Chuki Beats! Lucas is the one in the video along-side a friend and actor named Ricky Singh. We definitely got some looks while filming but that’s part of the fun! Noor was assistant director, in charge of audio timing and helping me with the filming!

      Thanks gain for your constant support !


  2. Maissa Hamed says:

    Keep living ur dreams
    that’s how they come true.
    Great work Zain
    You got me to like Rap too 👏🏻


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