The Power of Action

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I’m a strong believer in the ability and strength of the Human Being to overcome obstacles in life. In some of us, it is a dormant belief – one that holds back many from actually unlocking their potential. The truth is that this reality gets to me. It scares me, makes me grind my teeth… it disturbs me. Inside each of us are visions, thoughts, passions and dreams for our lives yet many of us will be quick to dismiss them as unrealistic or unattainable.

In conversations with various people I’ve heard a variety of responses to the scary topic that we call “our future.” Whether the response be “I have no idea what I want to do, I’m lost” or “I have no idea where to even begin”, it becomes clear that the list of excuses for why NOT, is significantly easier to come by than the list of reasons for why TO. While I strongly think that being lost is in fact an extremely important part of the process, it is at this critical point in our thought processes that I believe a few simple strategies can significantly help change our perspective, and ultimately empower us to begin to fulfill our goals.

In a recent interview I was asked what my advice for young entrepreneurs would be. My response was, “start”. While it seems like an extremely obvious answer, I’d like to unpack it a little bit further.

When I say “start”, I mean take action. What many people assume is that by taking action they have to do something drastic. The reality is, however, that small actions create the larger story. But that story does not start without taking action. This is especially true for people who fall under the category of “I have no idea where to even begin.” Begin anywhere! Read a book, watch a youtube tutorial, learn an instrument, write a poem… Detach yourself from the routine of your comfort zone. Do something new, something different, something crazy… but just do something. What you will begin to realize is not necessarily what it is you want to do, but you will begin to realize what it is you can do, and that is where your story starts. Realizing your own potential can only be achieved by breaking the boundaries of what you know. Scientifically, potential energy can only be transferred to something noticeable (like movement) through a process known as “work.” When we work (take action, start etc.) we begin to manifest our potential. It begins to show in the way we do things, and it begins to build our confidence.

“But that does not help me figure out what I want to do…” or does it?…

It does. Knowing your potential lies beyond what you think you are capable of subconsciously triggers your ambition. You begin to notice that your actions surprise you. In such a state, you will find yourself more likely to try new things and take risks to try and solve new problems. But the key, is to take action. You must understand the fact that the process of learning about yourself comes with the possibility of failure, and that from failure you learn

So to everyone who gave themselves a goal for 2019, think strongly about how you are taking action to actually accomplish it. Don’t make your challenge harder by assuming it will happen with one try. Your goal for 2019, has to be your goal for every day of 2019. Break your goals down to tangible tasks… then take action.

Believe in the power of your dream…#zuluechoinitiative

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  1. Mohamed Elwakil says:

    Great approach to realizing one’s dreams!
    Your closing statement “Break your goals down to tangible tasks… then take action.” is an excellent recepie to achieve success.


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