Do not forget to breathe

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There is a misconception that often arises when we talk about people who are constantly positive. We tend to assume that their attitude is unbreakable, and that they do not experience hardship. Today I want to share a more accurate reality.

The truth is that life is not one dimensional. There are times where being positive is hard. There are times where despite how persistent and determined you are to accomplish something, you can not. I have been in such a state for a couple of weeks and it began to really affect me. For no reason in particular, other than the fact that I was overworked and over stressed. It became immediately apparent to me, that there is a reality to how one looks at “the grind” and that it is important for us to manage our health to truly allow ourselves to be more productive in the long run.

There is a difference between working hard, and working well. Working hard is not something we are capable of doing constantly. Our bodies and our minds need to rest, in order to adequately recover from the pressures and stresses of our daily lives. Working well, means that we are invested in the quality of our output, something that we can only do when our hearts and our minds are aligned to allow us to truly become engulfed in passion as we work.

So how do you remain positive in such a state? How do you begin to pull yourself out of a hard week or a hard month and bounce back. It’s not about simply telling yourself that you are a positive person. That is a simplified approach to tackling a very legitimate and very crucial part of life. Rather, it’s about contextualizing your mindset. In order to pull yourself out of a place of feeling overworked, you must firstly acknowledge that you are. You must step back, take a breath, and allow yourself some space to invest in your sanity. Once you do so, you will begin to have the clarity to realize that whatever hardship you are going through, is not permanent. It is part of a larger process of growth and development. The crucial attitude that becomes necessary, is telling yourself that no matter how hard it may be, no matter “stuck” you may feel, it is a transient state. One from which you will in fact learn, grow, and develop. Once you identify these elements, you will begin to look for the lessons you can learn from this experience. Maybe your frustration was coming from simply not knowing how to proceed, in which case taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture can be remarkably beneficial.

Sometimes, talking to others or simply expressing your frustrations out loud can be an extremely effective way of realigning one’s thoughts. Take a moment and listen to a song. Write a poem, or draw a small sketch. Reach out to others and tell them your story. You will be surprised at the clarity that others can have on your situation, simply because they are not involved in it directly. Don’t be afraid to seek support from others. We are all human, and we all go through our own versions of hardship.

The moral of story is that it is okay to feel lost. It is okay to have bad days, weeks, or months. It is okay for your positivity to burn out at times. Not only is it okay, but it is expected. What will pull you through, is an understanding of your hardship in the larger picture of your development. That is where your lessons will be learned, the lessons that will help you grow as a person and tackle the next challenges that will arise in your life.

Whatever you are going through… don’t forget to breathe.


I would like to thank the people who have helped me through this rough patch. You know who you are, and I am so grateful for your support.

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