Featured in Syracuse University Blackstone LaunchPad

I was honored and humbled to be featured twice in Syracuse University’s Blackstone LaunchPad over the last few months.

Jalen Nash wrote an amazing piece about how triumph comes from overcoming struggle, and the importance of taking on our challenges as a means of forcing us to transform and grow. I feel especially passionate about this topic as I think many people can get discouraged when they feel defeated. Often times this prevents them from continuing to pursue a passion or a dream. Sometimes all you need is a change in perspective. A new way to look at the problem and see it as less of a defeat, and more of a lesson. Please read Jalen’s article here:

Secondly, my film “ONE WORD” was featured as a means of shedding some sense of unity and and community in these difficult times. One of my favorite things about this film was that it was really not made by me, but rather by all of YOU! All of YOUR emotions and feelings are what come out in this film. Please check out that feature here

I am constantly humbled and grateful for all the support that I receive across all of my creative work. Regardless of how much effort and time I put in, without the community that we’ve built through ZULUECHO Initiative the work would not be successful. This is a movement for all of us.

Believe in the power of our dreams… #zuluechoinitiative

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  1. Ms. B. says:

    Bravo, ZAIN! You’ve gathered quite a supportive community of peers! Lots of work and commitment there. Would love to hear what your constituency says about the opening up of a new world after COVID-19.

    Keep your vibe strong!

    Ms. B.

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