“Swimming in Circles” – A FiberCast Highlight

Today I want to share the last of a series of highlights tied to an interview I did on Caley Lacerda’s “FiberCast” Podcast a few months ago. This one is incredibly important as it relates to mental health, burnout, and the need to prioritize our mental peace by finding a balance between hard work, and giving ourselves the opportunity to recharge. I found this highlight increasingly important during the times we are living through, as many are struggling to find healthy outlets for their emotions and feelings of being trapped indoors. I hope this helps!

Once again, a huge thank you to Caley Lacerda for inviting me onto the show. Check out the full episode here

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay hopeful… and breathe!


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  1. Ms. B. says:

    Where do I start? What a pleasure and honor to “sit” between these two men and listen to their earnest, and very intelligent, descriptions of how they think about problem solving, moving through difficulty, and their relationships with others. This is definitely an adult conversation, beset with honesty and self-examination.

    Zain’s explanation of removing the facade from the exterior of a building to get a sense of the relationship of the inner parts and how to connect seemingly unrelated constructs was riveting! To use architecture to find a personal path of being in the world is not something I will easily forget.

    Caley’s understanding of movement and process of knowing himself through the feelings that social media lift out from watching others’ successes and failures was a lesson one wouldn’t want to miss.

    How helpful and inspiring for their peers who follow these two friends! The interest in where humanity is headed as well as the fortitude it takes to enliven their own personal impulses was well worth this two hour summit of young minds!

    Thank you!

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