Over the last week I have been spending time trying to learn, listen, understand, and engage to the best of my capacity in the issues that are plaguing our world and our country. More specifically, I have been trying to understand the role of “content creation” and what it means to be an “influencer” through a new lens. A lens that caters not only to the pursuit of my own creative ideas, but to further the mission of ZULUECHO Initiative – to empower and inspire. It is futile to have such a mission without using the platform and community we have built together to inspire REAL change. Today I want to do that by highlighting an initiative started by a dear friend of mine, Essence Britt.

I have had the pleasure of knowing her not only as a friend, but also through collaboration on creative projects. Essence is the founder of CREAM THE COLLECTIVE, “a community of vastly different individuals with one vision, to create.” I have witnessed first hand the incredible work she does within the creative community, and especially recently her platform has become an invaluable resource to inspire and promote a revolutionary culture change. One that I know I need to learn from. Her platform features guest speakers that help the collective growth of her followers. From motivational speakers, to business guru’s and entrepreneurial workshops, CREAM THE COLLECTIVE stands as an icon for what “content creation” really should do. Build up communities by providing insightful resources in ways that empower them to follow their passions.

“The stories on our platform of hardworking creatives who took initiative of their own passions and shaped them into a means of wealth will leave you feeling inspired to work hard and chase after your own passion. CTC was conceived off the observations of the rap industry. Thinking of artists such as Jay-Z, Nipsey Hussle, Rihanna, Meek Mill, P. Diddy and many more, that use their platforms to not only obtain wealth, but also improve their communities. For example, Meek Mill and Jay-Z have been collaborating on the reformation of the criminal justice system which is providing a purpose beyond their music. I took those thoughts and directed them toward your average person who may be doing the same, but not gaining much recognition. So, CTC is bridging the gap. Exposing the radiance of these initiators, while the words of personal experiences, love and spirituality encourage the followers along the way. “

Please check out her instagram page and follow her incredible journey. I have first hand witnessed the growth of her movement and I assure you, you don’t want to miss out.

Believe in the power of y(our) dreams… #zuluechoinitiative

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