Context Clues

Walking home today I passed this building. Having just finished a design project of my own where context was an extremely important precedent, this facade immediately stood out. The street on which it stands is densely packed, as most streets in New York City are, yet each building carries its own design and concept. This one, a more modern building, has a very simple move in its design that draws from the immediate context, allowing the modern building to integrate itself seamlessly into the larger urban block. Architects do these kinds of things in many ways, in my MakerSpace, I used material choice and tile patterning to allow my building to fall into place within its context. Here, the context clue are the windows. The simple four vertical windows not only give off an aesthetically pleasing feel, but also follow the rhythm of the windows of all the buildings on the block.

Moves like this allow younger more modern architects to place buildings in older more classical urban contexts without compromising the fabric and language of the city, or their own design intentions.


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